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26 Man Ying St
Hong Kong

(852) 2385 0006

Tai Wah Sea and Land Heavy Transportation Limited provides professional consultancy and state-of-the-art equipment for sea and land project cargo in Hong Kong and overseas Client.

Company Profile

Company profile page. Stating our mission statement, our scope of service and cargo variety.

Our Principle

We Stress Safety On Everything We Do

It has always been our objective to carry out the operation in a safe and efficient manner. This is our duty and our commitment to our clients and this is also our obligation to our employee and the public in general.

Safe and Great Jobs Start With Right Tools

Safety consideration have been given priority in all aspect of our operation. The basic principle is the use of the right and capable equipment. In recent years, we have begun upgrading our equipment to satisfy the need of the changing construction industry, millions of dollars were spent on acquiring up-to-date equipment. We believe our effort would make our society a better and safer one.

Our Company

  • Establish our 60 years, highly recognized by our local and overseas client.

  • Private owner-operated company, owns a fleet of up-to-date transportation equipment including heavy duty trucks, tractor and low-bed trailers, rigging equipment etc.

  • Cargo moving, relocation, rigging, skidding in any location including indoor, outdoor, basement, building upper levels, tunnels or above ground structures, ships, outer-island operation etc.

  • Special in the heavy and special cargo.

  • Expertise know-how and extensive experience supported by good management, competent design/field engineers and skilled personnel.

  • Committed to provide a professional and quality services.

Scope of Service

  • Sea Transportation - Barging and heavy lifting in Hong Kong, Mainland China ports, Macau, Taiwan and Southeast Asian ports.

  • Floating Crane - Discharging and loading of heavy machinery, yachts, trains, over-sized cargo etc. from / to ocean vessels and container ships.

  • Land Transportation - moving of break-bulk cargo and containers, specialized in the handling of abnormal / special cargo with low-bed trailers, heavy machinery, over-sized cargo, electronic and shock-sensitive cargo such as medical equipment, flight simulators, helicopters, precast concrete segment and pre-fabricated steel segment etc.

  • Project cargo transportation for new plant and plat relocation - specialized in Power Plant Project.

  • Air Cargo - Special cargo handling at Chek Lap Kok air cargo terminal.

  • Radioactive cargo conveying.

  • Marine Salvage - Lifting, uprighting and re-floating of ship wrecks.

  • Marine Construction works - Installation of marine structures, precast concrete units, steel structures, earth-loading ramps, removal of marine structure etc.

  • Machinery dismantling, erection, assembly and installation.

  • Equipment and machinery moving, relocation, rigging and skidding in any location - indoor, outdoor, basement, building, high-levels, tunnels or above-ground structure, ocean vessels, cruise ships, outer-islands, Mainland China ports and cities etc.

  • Consultancy services on transport feasibility, design of structures and lifting gears to facilities movement, planning of special moves and operations.

  • Loading testing of various lifting gears, beams and frames.

Cargo Variety

  • Power Station Equipment - Transformers, stators, turbines, etc.

  • Railway - Locomotives, train cars, wagons, trackwork construction machinery, rails / switches / turnouts, special extra-long rails, etc.

  • Precast concrete and Pre-fabricated steel sections - Bridge segments, culverts, -and outfalls, etc.

  • Exhibition items - Display equipment and mock-ups.

  • Flight Simulators (Shock sensitive).

  • Aircraft and train mock-ups.

  • Aircraft boarding bridges.

  • Pleasure craft, boats and catamarans.

  • Over-sized tanks and Pipes.

  • Cable-stayed bridge steel tower heads.

  • Statues and sculpture.